6amMart – Multivendor Food, Grocery, eCommerce, Parcel, Pharmacy delivery app 2.4.0 NULLED

6amMart is a comprehensive multi-vendor delivery system that caters to various industries such as food, grocery, eCommerce, parcel, and pharmacy. This system is developed using the Laravel and Flutter frameworks, offering a powerful admin panel to efficiently manage your business.

6amMart - Multivendor Food, Grocery, eCommerce, Parcel, Pharmacy delivery app 2.4.0

The 6amMart package includes three mobile applications, two web panels, and one website. The customer application is available for Android, iOS, and web, developed using Flutter. There is also a separate delivery boy application for Android, which needs to be purchased separately. Additionally, there is a store application for both Android and iOS, also developed using Flutter and requiring separate purchase. The system is complete with a super admin web panel, developed using Laravel, allowing for role-based access control. There is also a store web panel, developed using Laravel, giving store owners role-based access control as well.


The order flow in 6amMart follows a logical path. Customers place orders from a single store at a time. These orders are then received by delivery boys in the order request section who accept them for delivery. Once the delivery man confirms the order (if the delivery confirmation model is enabled), the store owner receives the order on their dashboard and starts processing or cooking the items before handing them over to the delivery boy. If the order is digitally paid, it automatically goes into the confirmed status and appears on the store’s dashboard, without depending on the delivery boy’s confirmation. In cases where the store’s confirmation model is enabled, both cases do not require the delivery man’s confirmation. However, after the store’s confirmation, the delivery man will receive the order for acceptance. The delivery guy then accepts the order, confirms it (if cash on delivery), picks it up, and delivers it to the customer. For self-pickup orders, the stores manage all the necessary steps. For scheduled orders, all operations start 15 minutes before the scheduled delivery time.

Some of the top features of 6amMart include the ability to draw accurate coverage areas on the map, support for multiple stores, integrated SMS OTP verification, comprehensive item management, advanced order management, dispatch management to track ongoing and pending orders, delivery men apps for easy order acceptance and delivery, manual assignment of delivery men, marketing section for campaigns and promotions, accounts section to manage earnings and financial transactions, reporting and statistics for business analysis, employee sections for easy management, customizable business settings, complete featured user apps for both mobile and web, and support for multiple payment gateways.

With all these features and functionalities, 6amMart provides a robust and efficient solution for businesses in the delivery industry. It offers a user-friendly experience for both customers and businesses, facilitating seamless ordering, delivery, and management processes.

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