Digits v7.9.4.3: Registration via SMS WordPress Nulled


Let a person sign up for your site with just his cell phone number. Do not look at emails anymore. Just send an SMS! No one has time to connect to your site through regular email because that’s just the first step. The user also has to log in to their email account, open their email, click the confirmation link in their email, and then access their account on your website. When it comes to passwords, even if he does everything he needs to remember to get into the account, this is the password. Users will have to go through all the trouble they went through when they first signed up again if they forget it. Websites are losing people right now because of all of these things.


Note: All the most recent versions of BuddyPress, WooCommerce, and all other plugins work with Digits. We can’t choose the most recent version in the item information on Envato (Codecanyon) because the list isn’t the most up-to-date.


What is OTP?


OTP stands for “One Time Password” or “One Time Passcode.” In some parts of the world, it is also called “SMS Passcode” or “One Time SMS Passcode.”


But what does it do?


One Time Passcode (OTP) is like a password; it’s made just for each person when they try to sign up or log in, and it’s sent to their phone number. The method is pretty safe these days because the passcode is generated each time. Also, because the user doesn’t have to remember their password, it’s easy to use, which increases the number of people who actually use it.


Passwordless Login for WordPress


Digits lets people sign up for your website with just their phone number. Do not look at emails anymore. Just text No one has time to sign up for your website using a regular email address because it takes more than one step. The user has to log into their email account, open their email, click on the verification link to confirm their email address, and then they can access their account on your website. Then there are the passwords. Even if he does all of that, the password is still the most important thing to remember in order to get into the account. Users will have to go through all the trouble they went through when they signed up again if they forget it. Websites are losing customers because of all of these things; no one has time for them all.


But with Digits, This Changes


We take WordPress sign-up and login to the next level because people spend most of their time on their phones. Users can now make an account by giving their phone number and logging in with a one-time password (OTP). There’s no need for passwords.



• Sign up with a mobile number


Let people sign up with their phone number, and you’ll get more people to sign up. Take away the hassle of setting up an email account, confirming their address, and then being able to access their account.


• Password-less Login


It’s almost impossible to remember all the passwords people use to sign up for different websites these days. Give your customers a way to log in without a password. Use the one-time passcode that was sent to the user’s phone via text message to log in.


• Email-less Login


Let your users log in with their phone number. Forget those old emails you used to make an account.


No coding or technical knowledge is required.


You don’t need to know how to code or be good with computers to use and install the plugin. It’s as easy as installing any other plugin. It’s also easy to set up, and our detailed guide makes it even easier.


• International OTP SMS Support


With our free channels, it’s also free to send SMS to countries outside of the United States. So you can use it for people all over the world.


• Custom Fields


You can make your own fields on your forms, like text, data, number, dropdown, checkbox, radio, user job selector, and more.


• Create Customer on Order


Sometimes you need to make a new customer while putting in a new order from the back end. Because of this, we’ve added this feature to all of our plugins.


WooCommerce Compatible


Merge Phone Number

Old Account Migrator

Forced Login Page Lock

Country-Based SMS Message Gateway

One-Click Login/Signup

Additional Fields and Logic Builder

Email Filter



Password reset with OTP password

Signup with password, login with OTP or Password anything

Custom fields for login and signup forms

White label Custom sign-up and login page

Modal sign-up and login forms

White-list or Block countries

Auto-detect country code

Default country code

User can add email after signing up with mobile

The user can also sign up with email and add phone number later

Free and Paid SMS Gateways

Full WooCommerce support

Remove Email and Password Fields from Login and Signup Forms

Disable strong password registration

WooCommerce Phone Verification on Checkout

Login, Register, Logout, and Redirect

Option to add captcha in login form

Test API settings

WC add order can search user with mobile number

GDPR Compliant

Option to disable registration

Option to disable OTP

WPML Compatible





Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/digits-wordpress-mobile-number-signup-and-login/19801105