OXOO – Android Live TV & Movie Portal App with Subscription System v1.3.9.c NULLED

This is an awesome app for Android that lets you watch live TV shows and movies. It comes with a PHP script for the control panel. This screen makes it easy to save all of your changes. You will have the most fun with this if you are the author of an IPTV app or movie or the owner of a website. This app is smart and has simple tools for tuning it. Android phones and tablets work great for watching movies and TV shows for you and your client. One more thing about the PHP toolbar is that it lets you control your TV station. It also comes with a tool that makes it easy to connect this app to OVOO PHP Script.

Important Parts

Watch live TV movie shows
Features That Stand Out
Share TV shows, movies, and live TV.
With the Trail option, you can subscribe.
Payment Gateways for PayPal and Stripe.
Custom Price Plan and Time Limits.
Content Features for Free and Pay.
The ability to bill.
Simple video and documentation.
It works with MP4, WebM, wmv, MKV*, HLS, RTMP, and subtitles.
OpenSource video player with a lot of power.
Gateway for payments (online)
Express Checkout with PayPal
Payment Gateway Stripe (Offline)
All local payments must be made in cash or by bank deposit.
Helpful Ads Link up
AdMob by Google
Facebook Network for Audiences
Features for StartApp Admin
Scraper for movies Just type in the name of the movie to get all the details you need:
Easy auto-import of movies from TMDb.

You can share videos that you’ve uploaded from your computer to a local server.

Get Stars Get picture and information about actors, directors, and writers easily from TMDB.
Episodes and Seasons You can make as many seasons and episodes of a TV show as you want.
Multiple video sources for a single movie or show is really cool. UI/UX
Support for HLS and M3U8; support for mp4 from URL; support for webm from URL; support for m3u8 from URL; search for movies and TV shows on the manager dashboard.

All embed videos work.
User Sign-In and Registration
Make a dream movie Government Country Wish Movie Direction of
System with Multiple Users
Smart User Management System for Admins Useful Dashboard for Admins
Experience for Users
Slider for Home Pictures and Movies
Notice about Admob Baner Admob Interstitial Ad onesignal
Design that stands out.
Layout That Responds.
Cloud-based application that saves money and time Secured database Secured API with API key
Full-rest API-based architecture for a CodeIgniter (MVC) application panel based on PHP
File type that can be used for live TV

The HLS/M3U8 YouTube Embed supports the following file types for movies and TV shows: MP4, WEBM, Amazone S3, Vimeo, and more.


Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/oxoo-android-live-tv-movie-portal-app-with-powerful-admin-panel/23526581