Pixer v6.2.0 – React Laravel Ecommerce Multivendor Digital Marketplace


Pixer: React The Laravel Multivendor eCommerce Marketplace software uses Laravel, React, Next JS, and Tailwind CSS. One of the fastest and safest digital asset-selling e-commerce apps. We used axioms and react-query for data fetching, making it simple. Set up API endpoints effortlessly, and your frontend staff will adore it. It supports REST API. We used React, NextJS [TypeScript] & Tailwind for the frontend and Laravel for the backend. Complete source code is available. Installation and deployment are simple.

Its simple digital e-commerce solution will help you build your business quickly. We provided extensive documentation and tutorials and made everything expandable and reusable so you can edit. Complete admin support is available to manage your order. All source code, frontend, and backend are included. It supports several vendors. The script’s dark and light shop modes will impress your users.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/pixer-react-laravel-multivendor-digital-marketplace/36383345